The fact is any business which produces a steady stream of cardboard and is paying for it to be collected can in most cases benefit from a cardboard baler.

Do cardboard balers belong more to certain business sectors?

The beauty of cardboard balers is they are flexible enough to belong at a huge array of sectors. From restaurants to manufacturers to theme parks, a cardboard baler will fit in anywhere where waste cardboard is a problem.

How do cardboard balers save businesses money?

Saving money is the key reason businesses decide to use a cardboard baler. The majority of businesses use bins and skips to dispose of waste cardboard which have always been expensive to collect and for this reason many companies decide to swap their cardboard bins and skips for a baler. An easy to use baler will handle all waste cardboard which effectively means cardboard bins and skips are no longer needed. This saves money on expensive collections. Baled cardboard will be collected by a recycler as opposed to a waste management company and this will in most cases be collected for free or worst case scenario a nominal fee.

Can cardboard balers offer any other benefits?

Yes, balers offer benefits many businesses may not immediately think of. After learning of the money saving aspect, it may become clear that swapping a baler for bins and skips saves an awful lot of space. With most balers having a smaller footprint than one 1100 litre bin, most businesses create new found space in the yard or warehouse, this becomes less of a health and safety hazard and gives staff more room to move. This is especially helpful for businesses with tight spaces like high street retailers and restaurants.

Cardboard balers can handle whole boxes and can be located close to the source of waste cardboard. This is a great time saver for staff who can then concentrate on their jobs more. Voluminous bins often have their own designated waste area, which requires a walk and in order to fit as much cardboard in possible, the cardboard needs flat-packing. These are two time consuming exercises that can be prevented by installing a cardboard baler.

Can cardboard balers help to increase a business’ green credentials?

Cardboard balers are the most environmentally friendly way to recycle cardboard. Firstly businesses are ensuring no cardboard spills into the general waste, which would result in sending cardboard to landfill. All cardboard is baled and therefore collected by a recycler. Baling cardboard is also a much tidier way of recycling than using bins. These can easily overflow, creating a mess and a health and safety problem. Lastly, by reducing or removing collections from waste management companies, the time spent on our roads by Co2 emitting lorries will lessen. Having excellent green credentials is a business trait many customers look for in the modern world and a cardboard baler is a simple yet very effective method of achieving this.