A recent survey on recycling trends found that Brits are 15 times more likely to avoid recycling in the workplace than they are in their own homes. The research found that only 1% of Brits don’t recycle at home, but this rises to 15% when it comes to recycling in the workplace. Encouraging employees to recycle is often challenging. However, with a few gentle pushes, it can be done! Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to motivate your staff to support your recycling policies and help create a eco-friendlier business. With this in mind, here are some top ways to encourage your employees to recycle in the workplace.

Educate your staff

The first step to creating an effective recycling strategy is to educate your staff on the importance of recycling at work. Remember that many of your staff will already be actively recycling at home. Your job is to make employees understand why they must extend their green habits to the workplace. Discuss environmental concerns openly in the office and inform your staff of your recycling goals. Keep in mind that there is often confusion over materials like plastics, and this can lead to people throwing items away rather than recycling. To help avoid this, educate your staff on what can and can’t be recycled in the workplace. Remember that your employees will be far more likely to support your recycling policies if they know what can be recycled and have access to easy-to-use recycling bins. You should also consider sending regular emails and placing posters around the office to remind employees of your recycling policies.

Invest in a cardboard baler

Investing in a cardboard baler can be one of the most effective ways to boost the efficiency of your workplace recycling. Cardboard is often the largest waste stream in businesses, so finding a way to manage your cardboard recycling is a reliable way to make your company eco-friendlier. Cardboard balers are innovative recycling machines that flatten cardboard boxes, then compress them into a compact bale of cardboard that can be stored and disposed of efficiently. Compacting the waste that your business produces will save you money by reducing the number of waste collections you require. According to experts at Cardboard Balers – “An average baler will reduce the volume of your waste by approximately 5 times. This should mean that you require around a fifth of the number of waste collections that you currently pay for.” What’s more, a baler should boost productivity in the workplace as employees will no longer have to spend time flattening cardboard boxes manually. This means they can spend their time focusing on core tasks that are more valuable to your business. Overall, purchasing a cardboard baler is a smart investment that should save you both time and money in the long-run, while encouraging your employees to support your green recycling policies.

Remove individual bins

Replacing individual bins with centralised recycling stations is one of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to increase recycling rates in the workplace. Think about it – most people will just throw their waste in whichever bin is closest to them, rather than walking to recycling stations located on the opposite side of the office. For that reason, individual bins under desks encourage staff to throw everything in the bin regardless of whether it’s recyclable or not. By removing individual bins, you encourage employees to make a conscious effort to go to the designated waste area and dispose of their waste correctly and in line with your green policies.

Offer recycling incentives

You can easily make recycling fun and motivate your employees to support sustainable practices by providing incentives in the workplace. Hold a weekly or monthly competition and offer rewards to the top recyclers in your company to thank them for being green. Some popular workplace rewards include – free lunches, shopping vouchers, and additional holiday days. Set recycling goals for your company and celebrate when these are achieved. That way, employees will get excited to see that they’ve worked together to help save the planet and create a healthier environment.


Workplaces are full of waste like paper, cardboard, packaging, and more. The majority of business waste can be recycled, so it should be disposed of sustainably. While it can be difficult to motivate staff to recycle in the workplace, there are plenty of ways to get staff on board with your green recycling policies. Use some of the tips above to encourage your employees to recycle more today!