Like all businesses today, eco-friendliness is an important issue in the Agricultural business. Whether your business is focused on livestock or food-grain production, you are going to have to deal with matters such as waste collection and recycling and baling hay – either as livestock feed or for sale.

Of course, your Agricultural business will already have an efficient waste disposal and recycling system in place. However, what if we could show you a groundbreaking way that will reduce your waste disposal costs, reduce your labour time, and consequently save you money? Read below for the benefits of an industrial waste baler.

Save Money and Time with a Tractor Mounted Baler

The great thing about a tractor mounted baler is that it’s already mobile. This means you don’t expend anything but minimal effort transporting it from point to point. This is especially useful if you have a large farm over many acres with collection points scattered throughout. It also works if you have a collection of smaller farms.

The tractor mounted baler eliminates the need for trailering card of hay in, getting right to the point and doing the job efficiently and quickly. 

Reduce Your Hay Producing Cost

As mentioned earlier, one important benefit we are looking for you to enjoy is putting money back into your pocket through cardboard balers. It doesn’t matter whether your preferred arrangement is renting or purchasing outright, you are going to come out of this spending less in the long run.

It’s true some business owners are hesitant about the initial equipment cost; however, the beauty of this system begins to be apparent very quickly. Since you are able to schedule your hay production to a time suitable for you (not the baler company), you can pretty much factor in time when a baler company services would be unavailable. Also, you can carry out this service for neighboring farms.  Depending on the charging structure of the company, you are likely to find that over time your average cost per baled hay is significantly less than when you used a baler company.

Reducing Plastic or Cardboard Waste for Easy Recycling

Instead of a traditional recycling method for plastic and cardboard waste, you could benefit from the amazing advantages a cardboard baler can offer. Since cardboard balers can reduce your plastic or cardboard waste mass by as much as 5 times, in effect you would be using 20% of your normal space, thus providing a clean environment.

Also, an 80% reduction in waste size automatically reduces collection frequency to the same 20%. It makes it easier for a recycling company to pick up the waste either free-of-charge or after offering you a nominal fee. Another plus you get is that the cardboard baler automatically separates the different waste streams.

This kind of pre-sorted waste saves you the labor hours of doing so yourself, and since recycle companies place pre-sorted waste at premium, your waste is also much more in demand. Also note that it is possible for your waste disposal company to transfer charges for separating waste to you. 

Finally, as landfill taxes continue their upwards spiral yearly, waste collection through the old bin method will continue to increase. This is the hassle you save your farm business from by going the baler way.

Have Your Bales Collected

Having efficiently baled your waste, you need regular collection. You can make adequate arrangements with the recycler company in your immediate area to periodically recycle your waste. Your pre-sorted, baled waste is recycled waste that is in big demand and you should not have a problem getting it picked up.

Help the Environment as You Use Cardboard Balers

Since the cardboard baler method makes bins redundant, you don’t then have a lot of bins around your property. Baled hay and waste are stacked up neatly, waiting for collection, and using significantly (just about 20%) less space than bins and waste would have occupied.

You also prevent spills over from full bins, and since your farm is clutter free, you make it less attractive to rodents that are naturally attracted to waste stacks.

Using cardboard balers is an innovative way of handling your recycling, managing non-biodegradable waste, and producing hay. You could save quite a lot in money, space and time, while simultaneously helping your environment, by embracing this fresh system of disposal and hay production for your farm business.