Businesses can do a lot worse than installing a cardboard baler to help with their waste. A whole array of benefits can be achieved by using a cardboard baler to crush waste cardboard and it is folly to ignore them in today’s business climate. The number of recycling bins and skips is declining because of businesses deciding to invest in machines such as a cardboard baler. Bins are on the decline but cardboard baler popularity is rising all the time. It is important to create awareness of how much a cardboard baler can help businesses and the environment.

Cardboard balers are manufactured in different sizes to suit any business that produces excess cardboard. Balers with the smallest footprint are ideal for businesses with little space, such as pubs, restaurants and small retailers. Large retailers, distributors and manufacturers usually require a larger cardboard baler because of more frequent deliveries of goods contained in big cardboard boxes. The aperture of each baler varies as well because each business receives cardboard boxes of differing dimensions.

Here are three of the key ways in which a cardboard baler can help with business waste.

  1. A cardboard baler will save money on waste if expenditure on bin collections is hitting double figure sums each week. Waste management companies are upping the cost of bin lifts all the time because the government is increasing landfill tax every year. A cardboard baler will allow for bin numbers to be reduced, resulting in cost savings. A recycler will often collect baled cardboard for free or for a nominal fee. It has been known for businesses to save thousands of pounds per year by swapping cardboard bins and skips for a cardboard baler.
  2. A cardboard baler will also help to increase the green credentials of any business which uses one. Sending cardboard to landfill will cease, with the installation of a baler, as the compacted material is collected by a recycling company as opposed to a waste management company. The other environmental benefit of having a cardboard baler is high Co2 emitting bin lorries make fewer trips out on our roads, saving the environment from toxic gases.
  3. Space and time can easily be saved with a cardboard baler installed. One baler has the same footprint as one standard size 1100 litre bin and it is common to have more than one bin so the space savings are clear to see. Cardboard balers are also great time savers. Firstly any baler can crush whole boxes, which requires no time spent on flat-packing. Secondly a baler can be located close to the source of waste, which means very little walking for staff. As bins are voluminous, they often have to be situated in an area away from the main workspace. This means staff have to walk each time to drop cardboard in the bins. It may not be a negative of bins that quickly springs to mind but the hours of staff time add up over a long period of time.

A cardboard baler will lend a helping hand almost immediately. If your business has not yet considered this as an option, now is the time to start thinking about it.