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What is the difference between a hydraulic and pneumatic baler?

Both hydraulic and pneumatic balers have their benefits, and are able to offer something different, but it depends on what the customer aims to achieve that will determine which baler is right for them. Three key factors will determine whether a business needs a hydraulic or pneumatic baler. Does the business have its own airline? What kind of volumes is the business producing? What material will generally be baled? Does the business have its own airline? A business with its own airline and low to medium volumes of cardboard and/or plastic will in most scenarios find a pneumatic baler...

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How Can Waste Management Solutions Help the Environment?

For any business producing a steady stream of waste or more, having an efficient waste management solution in place is essential for a variety of reasons, none more so than helping the environment. In an age where waste plastic is a talking point across the world and carbon emissions are constantly being monitored, it is important to manage waste properly, when possible. Sending as little waste as possible to landfill should be a key aim for businesses as it will help the environment, which in turn will help businesses save money amongst other benefits. Of course there are waste...

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How the UK recycles: Facts and Figures

The four countries that make up the UK all have their own recycling commitments as the decision making is not centralised. This therefore makes UK recycling as a whole misleading because one country is heavily outperforming the other three at present and that is Wales. The Welsh government has been committed to recycling over the past decade which has seen its recycling statistics tower over England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Experts are even predicting they may overtake Germany for top worldwide recycling nation in 2018. The UK government Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs produced a report on...

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The Benefits of Using Waste Compactors in the Workplace

Running a business is perhaps one of the most time consuming ventures that anyone can undertake. Often, it is hard to find time to ponder aspects of the company that don’t require immediate attention. However, with more and more pressure coming from the government in the United Kingdom to ensure that industries take recycling and waste reduction seriously, it is imperative that you takes steps to ensure that your company adheres to these new expectations. One of the simplest ways to get your business on the right path regarding reduction in waste is by purchasing a compactor like a...

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Going Green at Work

The modern world of business has an ever increasing list of responsibilities and going green at work is a major part of this list. It is important to be green and environmentally friendly in a world of ever increasing government regulations and judgement from customers and other businesses. A great way to become greener at work is to start recycling all the recyclable materials produced at the business. The most common and problematic material on this list is cardboard but there is a terrific way of dealing with this in the shape of a cardboard baler. Cardboard balers are...

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